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Call 1300 234 801 for free Support with any issue you have with your Wix website.

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Australian Wix Users

Wix Professionals Australia delivers free support to all Wix users in the country. You can call us at the above 1300 number during working hours or send us a request for information or support by filling out the form below.


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Non-Australian Wix Users


In case you are based in another country, then we are sorry, but you will have to find local assistance for your Wix issue. However, if you still need to get in touch, then just fill in the form above.

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Wix Support Testimonials

Below you will find some reviews from Wix users whom we have assisted in solving their issues.


"These guys are the best, with straight forward constructive practical advice, and answers to any questions you might have. 

They provide all of this help as a free service, in the name of helping their fellow Aussies!"

—  Nicola Neutze